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at-home soiree

How to Host an At-Home Soiree with Food Ideas

If there is one thing the last one or two years have taught us, it is how to make use of our homes (especially when there are no other options). The pandemic has made us rearrange how we interact with one another. Now that restrictions are starting to be lifted, we are able to start enjoying in-person get-togethers again. The following 10 tips for hosting an unforgettable at-home soiree will help you do just that.

Preparation is Key:

Planning for any event or party can get a bit overwhelming. Being organized is the absolute key. Start with a list and take it step by step. The goal is to have everything prepared and ready to go before the big night.

The Importance of the Guest List:

The guest list at any gathering is essential, I mean, there’s no party without the people. Whether this is intended to be a small or large get-together, choose the guest list wisely. Are there any invitees that have an issue with each other? Plan accordingly.

Group Appropriate Activities:

Much like the list of attendees, the activities that you have planned are significant as well. Be sure to plan things that everyone in attendance can participate in. Also, if there is alcohol to be served, take that into consideration as well. Check out these adult-friendly, wine-themed games!

Timing, Timing, Timing:

People have lives, families, commitments, the timing of your at-home soiree is going to matter. Knowing how many people will be in attendance will help make the planning much smoother.

Don’t Forget the Invites:

This is where the invitations come in. Sending out invites gives people a chance to politely decline if they are unable to make it. Of course, this helps to keep the headcount up to date. Food, drinks, games, these are all easier to organize if you know exactly how many people will be coming to your party.

Music Makes the Mood:

You know that saying “If a tree falls in the woods with no one around, does it really make a sound?” Well, without an amazing playlist can you REALLY have a party?! Music can really be the icing on the cake for your at-home soiree so to speak. Mix it up and add songs for every taste.

Spruce the Place Up:

Now, I don’t mean you have to call in the awesome guys from ‘Queer Eye’ but making the place look nice and presentable is kind of a necessity. A few decorations are always a nice touch, although if you want to really go all out, picking a theme can be super fun. Wine and paint party, anyone?

Serving Alcohol? Plan Ahead:

Trust me when I tell you – I am all for drinking during these little shindigs (especially if it involves wine and gourmet popcorn ;)). However, if you do choose to serve alcohol, make sure to do so in a responsible way. Plan ahead for any guests that may be unable to drive themselves home.

Be Sure to Ask the Important Questions:

I don’t want to be ‘that guy” but it needs to be said, particularly due to the current climate. It is imperative that you not only find out the pertinent information about your guests’ dietary needs, but also any health needs or concerns they may have. Covid safety is something that should be taken into consideration – vaccinations, social distancing, masks – you get my point.

Memorable Food Stuff:

We all know that food plays a major role in any at-home soiree. Instead of handing out the usual pigs in a blanket, why not fancy it up a bit? Whenever I want to make my soiree a hit, I break out our luxury artisan popcorn. No, seriously, it is not your regular, boring popcorn – not only is it 100% air-popped in extra virgin olive oil, but there are four different, adult-friendly flavors. Seriously, your attendees won’t be able to stop popping off about it (see what I did there?).

When it comes to the main event, you can go with a relatively simple meal and elevate by pairing it with wine. Here are some food and wine pairing ideas that will definitely make your event the talk of the town!

The most critical tip that you need to remember? Have fun with it. When it all comes down to it, it’s not the food, or the music, or the decorations that will make this event special for you and those close to you. It’s the chance to truly connect again.