Handcrafted with love by Jason & Sofia McClain, McClain Popcorn Company is a manufacturer of small batch artisan popcorn. Each recipe is created from scratch and tested on all of their faithful friends.


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Bulk Popcorn for Popcorn Flights

For years, all a winery had to offer with a tasting was a cracker, cheese and charcuterie. Now there is something new and exciting to enhance the experience.

Bulk Bags of Popcorn for Guest Samples

Give your guests a perfect pairing. Enjoy each of our flavors in bulk and create a popcorn tasting experience.

Make a Popcorn flight

Looking to create the Perfect Popcorn flight to pair with your wine, whisky or just to have a light gourmet snack?  We suggest laying the popcorn out on a small black tray with the tasting cards under the tray in a staggered formation.  Then place a small clear bowl on each card.  Put about 1/2 oz in each bowl.  Enough for a sample…  not a meal.  Then serve it to your guests.

Each of our sample bags is packed with 16 oz of gourmet popcorn.  Each popcorn flight is about 2 oz of popcorn in total (based on 4 flavors).  Each bag should yield 32 flights per bag of bulk popcorn depending on how much you pour into each cup.

Although we can offer additional flavors, today we offer 4 different flavors to enjoy in a bulk bag. They include Black Truffle and Garlic, Garlic Pepper & Rosemary, Jalapeno Pepper, and Sweet Caramel and Brown Sugar.

What to charge for a popcorn flight?

As to the price…. we suggest $12 to $15 for Popcorn Flight.  If a guest buys 2 bags of popcorn then we suggest you waive the cost of the popcorn flight.

The samples work well as an added delight for any guest.


There is no better way to get someone to fall in love with a product than to offer them taste of the good stuff. We do it every day with wine and whisky flights... why not do it with popcorn to. Make a creative and luxurious addition to tasting experiences. Take your flight to the next level.

Make the perfect guest experience

Offer your guests a pairing that will knock your cocks off.

Everyone is looking for a way to get a customer to stay longer, drink more, and hang out.  After all, when you have a nice snack to enjoy, you can offer something special.  Our popcorn is designed to do just that.  Create an opportunity to spread the love and extend the moment.