Handcrafted with love by Jason & Sofia McClain, McClain Popcorn Company is a manufacturer of small batch artisan popcorn. Each recipe is created from scratch and tested on all of their faithful friends.


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Private Label Gourmet Popcorn

For years, all a winery had to offer with a tasting was a cracker, cheese and charcuterie. Now there is something new and exciting to enhance the experience.

Build your brand with a Gourmet Popcorn

Yes, you can have your own brand of popcorn to offer to your guests.

Yes, we can do a private label for your brand.  There are minimums that need to be met but we can do this if you would like to talk about it.

How it all works

In short, we can design a new bag just for you, adjust the size and layout as needed.  Our design team can do the design for you and handle all the relevant tasks to get your new bag design ready to go. the bag can be any shape or size that you want but we will suggest that you continue to use the best materials as we do to ensure freshness.

Design & Print Your Bags

We will then print the bags in bulk.  We will print anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 bags at one time.  This would be per flavor.  The higher the number of bags that we print, the lower the cost per bag.  This is an important step because the lower amount of bags you decide to start with, the higher your cost per bag.  We suggest starting at 5K bags per flavor as a good start.   The goal here is to pre-print bags for you that you can have filled by us as needed.

We pack only what you need

You would pay for the bags and the design and we would store them for you at a modest cost.  As you get ready to start selling the popcorn in your own bags you would then order bags that we would fill for you as needed in certain increments. We can store them or send them all your way.  The minimum order we can pop per flavor is 216 bags (9 cases). This way the popcorn is always fresh when it arrives at your location.

We would charge you for the bags and bag storage and then a per-bag cost as we created and shipped the actual product to you.  All of this comes out to a similar wholesale price that you are paying now to offer our popcorn.

This is a great way to spread your brand but will require some upfront costs to make it work.  If this is of interest to you, simply reach out to us and we can go over your options.

OK…  ready to get a formal quote to get started?


Want new wine club members? Want to sell more bottles of wine? Try adding something new to your snack selections. The McClain Popcorn Company makes popcorn for wineries looking to offer a creative and luxurious addition to their wine tasting experience. Take your flight to the next level.

Finally... something besides cheese and crackers!

Elevate your wine tasting room experience with a luxury gourmet artisan popcorn.

There is a better way to go with your amazing wine.  Discover your favorite crunching and sipping combinations curled up on the couch savoring the luxury of taste.  Adding an artisan popcorn to your offering creates yet another amazing item to talk to your guests about.