Handcrafted with love by Jason & Sofia McClain, McClain Popcorn Company is a manufacturer of small batch artisan popcorn. Each recipe is created from scratch and tested on all of their faithful friends.


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Our Story

Jason & Sofia McClain's journey into artisan popcorn.


Each bag is made with love, passion and a desire to create the finest and most flavorful popcorn in the world.

It all started one night, drinking a glass of really good wine.   A few friends turn to me and said, “Jason, can you make some popcorn that will go well with this bottle of wine?”  Yep… it’s that simple.  From that moment on we were pairing wine with popcorn and the world would never be the same again.  There is honestly nothing better than really good “adult” popcorn to pair with your favorite bottle of wine.



A glass of wine… a bowl of popcorn… a good movie.

Being a popcorn lover has many advantages and a few disadvantages.  This is especially true if your friends know just how much you love popcorn.  For years Jason & Sofia would gather together with their friends and next-door neighbors, Mark & Christen Barley, for “wine night” at their home.  After a few bottles, it was time for a light snack.  Everyone would look to Jason to do his magic.  So…  off to the kitchen he would go to air pop a delightful treat.  This was no ordinary treat, however.  Jason would mix spices, herbs, olive oils and much more to create a delightful “adult” popcorn for him and his friends.  The spices were always unique and the oils were always fresh and flavored.  Every “wine night” there would be a new creation coming out of the kitchen.  When the kids would join in, he would step back into the kitchen and make something just for them.  This was more than a routine.  It became a way of life and welcomed part of the evening “unwind” after a long day.
As time went on it was clear that the McClain family had three passions.  Wine, Olive Oil and Popcorn.

One night, like a lightbulb, it dawned on Jason to step out and make these passions a reality.  In 2016, the McClain family opened McClain Cellars, a boutique winery with wines from their favorite region in the Central Coast of California, Santa Ynez.

In 2018, as they were opening their tasting room in Laguna Beach, they decided to package their own olive oils and McClain Popcorn Company came to life.  It was the perfect pairing to go with their wines.

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We make popcorn for people who love good wine and want something fun to pair with it.

Nothing beats amazing popcorn with a glass of wine.  Jason & Sofia are proud to offer their homemade recipes to the world. Our popcorn is non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, tree nut and peanut free, dairy free, and lactose-free. Grown, manufactured, and packed in America. To make this amazing recipe we blend it with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from McClain Cellars along with fresh herbs and spices to bring a balanced flavor and elegant touch.