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black truffle and garlic artisan popcorn

Flavor Profile: Black Truffle and Garlic with Himalayan Sea Salt

Our Black Truffle and Garlic artisan popcorn flavor is a show stopper if you’re searching for a unique and delectable treat. It’s made with fresh air-popped kernels tossed in black truffle olive oil, garlic olive oil, white pepper, and Himalayan Sea salt. Amish-grown white hulless corn is also used in this recipe.

No GMOs and no animal products of any kind were used in the production of this popcorn. Additionally, it’s free of tree nuts, peanuts, and dairy. Produced, manufactured, and packaged entirely in the United States. We used our 100 percent Extra Virgin Olive Oil, fresh herbs and spices, and a touch of elegance to create this delicious fine snack. All McClain Popcorns are made without butter or artificial flavors.


Himalayan Salt, cheese flavor (parmesan (unfermented part-skim milk, cream culture, salt, enzymes), sodium phosphate, salt, and lactic acid)) and black truffle salt (salt, black truffle, natural and artificial flavors) are all used in the production of black truffle salt. Other ingredients include corn starch, dried cane syrup, and black garlic powder (natural flavors and olive oil).

Benefits of our Ingredients and Flavors

Himalayan sea salt as an ingredient of this gourmet popcorn not only improves the flavor of the popcorn but also has numerous health benefits like reducing signs of aging, improving sleep, regulating blood sugar, and increasing libido in men. The cheese flavor is rich in Vitamin B12 which is good for skin nourishment.

Black truffle is rich in important nutrients that the body needs. It is rich in antioxidants and has high properties of antibacterial. Black truffle nutrients may well help eliminate cancer cells from the body. Furthermore, it is an easy flavor to add to your gourmet popcorn. A strong earthy garlic taste characterizes truffle flavor in general, but different species of truffle have varying characteristics.

The garlic powder added in this gourmet is highly nutritious and contains active compounds that may aid in the reduction of blood pressure. The flavor may easily fight against flu and cold symptoms too. On the other hand, olive oil as a key ingredient here is rich in monosaturated fats that can help eliminate your chances of stroke.

All ingredients used in making this rich gourmet popcorn not only bring the flavor but also have nutritional value.

Nutritional facts of Black Truffle and Garlic Popcorn

Protein 4.2g, 188 Calories, Carbohydrates 14.8g, Cholesterol 4.5mg, Fat 13.2g, Sodium 444.2mg.

Generally, there are umami-rich flavors in this seasoning from truffles, black garlic, and Parmesan cheese, all in a compact powder form. When the earthy, intriguing flavor of black truffle meets the buttery bliss of freshly popped popcorn, something extraordinary happens. Try this incredible flavor paired with a McClain Wine for yourself. It’s the perfect combination for your next holiday event, office party, romantic movie night, or self-care session.