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5 Healthy Office Snacks Your Staff Will Love

The office should be a place of focus, no doubt. Everyone needs a conducive environment to give their best and ensure their work is done well. We cannot work on empty stomachs, all that brainpower often makes people hungry long before lunch break. Having a small office snack to get you through is a necessity in my book!

What used to be a secret snack stash draw has lead to many office setups offering a designated kitchen area. If you’re lucky enough, you work at an office with a fully equipped kitchen with an oven and other equipment to make a gourmet meal. However, we all cannot be that lucky.

The best solution for maintaining an energized office staff is to provide office snacks. The first question that comes to mind regards determining which snack is perfect for everyone since your employees have different snack preferences.

There is also the part where you must consider allergic reactions to dairy, nuts, and honey-infused snacks.

Productivity Snacks Include:

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Dried fruits and nuts are not messy and are very convenient and healthy for everyone. This snack mix includes nuts and fruits combined to make a fiber-filled combo that’s non-perishable. It is also very healthy and easy to pick and go.

Roasted Chickpeas

This is a different kind of office snack idea packed with nutrients such as protein, fiber, and several vitamins. Chickpeas are quick and easy to roast. Furthermore, they are easily tossed in olive oil and roasted in an oven. Health-conscious employees will enjoy this option and thank you for it.

Greek Yogurt

This is among the healthier dairy products and it has high protein with minimal calories. This would be an excellent energizing snack to store in the office fridge so that your employees can grab it as they go about their day. It helps keep up your sugar levels without pumping you with any added and artificial sugars.

Artisan Popcorn

This is an effortless office snack to make, and it goes a long way to ensure your staffs’ mouths are kept busy when they need to focus and snack simultaneously. You can also opt to simply purchase adult-style popcorn, like our luxury artisan popcorn. McClain popcorn is air-popped and packed with wonderful flavors that are infused with fresh herbs and spices. They are strictly made with 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Flavors include:

  • Jalapeno Pepper with Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Black Truffle & Garlic with Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Sweet Caramel & Brown Sugar with Himalayan Sea Salt
  • Garlic Pepper & Rosemary with Lemon Rosemary Sea Salt

Baked Veggie Chips

We all love chips, but the healthier version, which is veggie chips, takes the day. These baked or otherwise dehydrated snacks are wholesome and do not contain any additives. Just a sprinkle of salt and you are good to go!

Office Party Snacks

During office parties, this would be the perfect opportunity to introduce healthier snacks to staff.

Try serving:

  • Homemade energy balls are a wonderful treat, packed with fiber, healthy fats, protein and vitamins
  • Carrots and Hummus
  • Hummus, made from chickpeas goes excellent with carrots

When looking for the perfect office snacks to add to your workspace, you need to consider the most energizing snacks so that you can psyche your work squad. Just ensure they are healthy and colorful and hard to pass by!