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Tips for Hosting an Unforgettable Friendsgiving Celebration in 2021

A Friendsgiving celebration, as the term entails, is typically arranged around the time of Thanksgiving. The phrase “Friendsgiving” was coined because some people prefer to spend the holiday with their “chosen family.” Today, Friendsgiving is recognized for several other reasons, as well. Some people may be unable to travel to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family. So, Friendsgiving is a fun and special alternative. Others prefer not to celebrate Thanksgiving because of what it meant for Native Americans historically. Whatever your reason may be, spending quality time with close friends is always a guaranteed good time!

Friendsgiving is the perfect opportunity to show your friends appreciation by hosting an epic Friendsgiving celebration. But not just any thrown-together meal, oh no…one that makes them feel as special as they make you feel all year long. You’re likely thinking, “how do I pull it off without feeling overwhelmed.” Don’t worry, we’ve got all the tips and hacks so you can throw an impressive Friendsgiving party with class and ease.

Less is More

It’s critical to keep the invite list to a minimum when organizing a Friendsgiving gathering. Consider the number of seating options you have before sending out invitations to ensure everyone is happy and comfortable. A smaller number of friends makes it easier for you as well since they can be easily attended to.

Comfortable Space

Set aside a specific area in your home that can properly accommodate your guests. If you have a smaller space that won’t work, you may consider renting an event or private space. Many are equipped with kitchens, making it simple to prepare and serve meals. Don’t forget a few fall decorations to add a special touch!

Themes & Games

Because it’s Friendsgiving, why not go all out with a crazy dress theme? Are you and your friends’ fans of a certain show, time period, or celebrity? Are you a fan of Halloween? Why not extend spooky season! Whatever theme you choose, it’s sure to be a blast and an unforgettable Friendsgiving! You don’t have to stop there either, check out these Friendsgiving games.

The Feast


Keep appetizers simple with something easy, delicious yet classy. Serve up McClain Cellars’ four flavors of artisan, adult-style popcorn for something unique and impressive! Flavors include Jalapeno Pepper w/Himalayan Sea Salt, Black Truffle and Garlic w/Himalayan Sea Salt, Sweet Caramel and Brown Sugar w/Himalayan Sea Salt, and Garlic Pepper and Rosemary w/Lemon Rosemary Sea Salt. Our hand-crafted popcorn is air-popped using 100% olive oil, and never any butter or artificial flavors. See?! Easy, peasy, and absolutely delectable!

The Main Attraction

Similar to a Thanksgiving meal, the host is typically responsible for the main dish. Whether it be a Turkey, a ham, or a vegetarian alternative, this one’s on you! For the remaining dishes, you can simply have everyone bring a dish to contribute. Can we all give thanks to whoever came up with the idea of a potluck?!


Since this isn’t just a casual get-together, you’ll want to do something to make it a memorable occasion. Serving a nice wine to compliment the dinner will add that extra special touch they won’t soon forget. To learn how to pair wines with your Friendsgiving spread, click here.